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An Experienced And Effective Attorney

Chicago Civil Litigation Attorney

Chicago Civil Litigation Attorney

"Litigation" is the process of having issues resolved by a court or by arbitration when they cannot be settled by agreement. "Civil Litigation" has many forms, and includes trials by judges, trials by juries and hearings before administrative panels, administrative law judges and arbitrators. Each type of case has its own controlling principles of law and the law is constantly changing. For these reasons, the skill and experience of an attorney can easily be the difference between a win or loss in court.

Trusted Legal Experience With Proven Results

The goal at this office is, and has always been to provide clients with the best and most effective advice and service to resolve their legal issues. Whether you need to make a claim and file a lawsuit, or if you've been sued and must respond in court, this is where you need to go for advice and, if necessary, legal help.

Cook County Business Litigation Attorney

There are countless lawyers with websites, all legally qualified to handle your case. But the fact that a lawyer has been licensed to practice in Illinois means only that he or she has completed the first step toward becoming a reliable and successful attorney. Here's how the service at this office is different:

Skill and experience: I personally have more than 35 years' experience as a trial lawyer, with success in a very large variety of civil litigation cases, which includes business disputes, breach of contract claims, real estate and probate issues, personal injury and wrongful death.

Strategy and preparation for effective results: Most court cases never reach trial, and are usually settled by the parties before trial occurs. This does not mean that a lawyer with minimal trial experience can get good results without a trial. Proper development of any lawsuit requires intensive research and informed preparation for trial; first, because a trial may eventually be required and, second, to negotiate the best settlement you must be able to demonstrate that you have the necessary facts, law and evidence to win if a trial is necessary. For this reason, all cases in this office are thoroughly prepared for trial.

Experience with appeals: Judges and members of juries are human and do make mistakes. When this occurs, a case will often be appealed to the Appellate Court for review, with the possibility of a new trial or perhaps an outright change of the contested verdict or ruling. The Appellate Court does not hear new evidence, but instead requires that the evidence from the first trial be presented as written legal arguments demonstrating why the result at trial was wrong and needs to be corrected. That's why skills in legal research and writing are so important for appeals, and why my experience in appeals may be the difference between winning and losing the case.

Personal attention: In Cook County, the main complaint by clients about their lawyers is that they cannot make contact with them to discuss their cases. At this office you are welcome to call any time; if I am in the office, I will be glad to take your call myself; if I am not in the office and you leave a message, I will personally call you back. Even if your fee agreement is for an hourly rate, there is never a charge to discuss your case by telephone or email.

The Chicago Law Office Of Douglas W. Graham

This office serves Chicago and its suburbs, and offers free initial consultations. Call 312-767-4922 or email to discuss your case for no charge, to see if you may need the services of this office. If your case is complicated, you can schedule a personal conference here or, if necessary, at your home with no obligation.


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