Breach Of Contract Cases

Breach of contract claims are some of the most common business litigation matters. In some cases, it is obvious when a contract has not been fulfilled. Other times, the matter is more complex due to each party having differing views on the quality of a service or product, or on what constitutes timely delivery or completion. However, what remains the same in most of these cases, is the significant risk of financial and collateral damage to company owners and individual stakeholders.

In the event you are involved in a breach of contract dispute and cannot find resolution on your own, it is vital to seek experienced legal representation.

Cook County Employment Contract Dispute Lawyer

For more than 35 years, many individuals and businesses have turned to my law firm when faced with contractual disputes. My experience is wide-ranging and involves breach claims surrounding:

  • Real estate contacts
  • Construction contracts
  • Vendor contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Service agreements
  • Partnership agreements

I have tried many cases before juries and judges and average two-three appeals cases per year. While not all breach of contract disputes will end up in the courtroom, having a true trial lawyer on your side affords you the strategy and insight that is also necessary for successful pretrial settlements.

My goal in all cases is to help clients find the best possible results in a timely manner, while minimizing the financial impact.

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I understand that as a business owner, employee or service provider your livelihood often relies on the fulfillment of contractual agreements. Contact my Chicago, law office at 312-767-4922 to discuss your matter and learn how I can help protect your rights. I offer free consultations to all prospective clients.